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 So here are some answers. 

Can I do work experience with Urban Projections?

I occasionally take on short work experience placements, though these are generally with local young people, and through organisations with who I have established connections.  I never take on work experience placements from cold calls or emails.

Can I do an Internship with Urban Projections?

I do take on interns, but only through organisations in the creative industries with who I have close ties. I never independently take on an intern. When an opportunity is available, I will advertise it on my blog.

How can I work with Urban Projections?

I like Urban Projections to work as an independent collective of multi-skilled artists, seeking to push the boundaries of digital art. I love to collaborate, so I'm always open to hearing from like-minded people and from artists who can bring something different to what I do. **Please don’t send  your CV expecting to be popped on the payroll (there isn't one).

I'm making my own projection mapped piece, but need advice?

I would recommend popping over to and immersing yourself into the community there. The knowledge I have was gained through years of experimentation, collaboration and reading-up! Unfortunately I can’t reply to all the questions I get asked (especially by students embarking on a mapping piece for their final project, despite having never done mapping ever before - and studying politics).  I get rather a lot of these.

I'm looking to buy a projector, which should I buy?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. They all do different jobs, for different scenarios. Generally, buy the most lumens, and contrast ratio that you can afford. This question has been answered a million times by a million people, over at, so why not check out what they have to say and contribute to the discussion.

How much does it cost to make a projection mapping piece?

This is really a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. It all depends on scale, the amount of equipment & infrastructure needed, how much pre-production, how long the piece will run etc. Some smaller mapping pieces are made for £800, some larger projection mapping pieces are made for £50,000.  If you would like to work with Urban Projections to create a projection mapped piece, please visit the contact section and talk to us in some more details about your ideas.