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Manchester Hill Remembered was a contemporary act of remembrance, commemorating The Battle of Manchester Hill.  A hidden First World War story and battle that in one day took the lives of 79 men from the Manchester Regiment. The Battle of Manchester Hill took place in an area of high ground just outside Saint-Quentin in northern France on 21 March 1918.  Rebecca collaborated with archivists, to uncover the personal accounts of the offensive, and travelled to France with the Lancaster Regiment, visiting the battlefield, war graves, and city of Saint Quentin.  Through a series of workshops, Rebecca met relatives of soldiers, worked with members of the public (at the beautiful Manchester Central Library) and had access to exquisite archive footage, photographs and first-hand accounts. These were explored in microscopic detail (literally) creating a visual narrative to the stories and a representation of the memory.

All this was gathered for a weeks intensive, artists residency at the historic Chethams Music School, working with The Cinematic Orchestra (Stuart, John, Luke), Liam Frost, Katie Chatburn, Seaming To, Michael Symmons Roberts and a selection of the most insanely talented musicians & poets from Manchester, to form a live audio-visual experience.

The result of all this was the live audio-visual performance of ‘Manchester Hill Remembered’. A poignant reflection on the battle and its consequences, held at Manchester Cathedral, to a sold-out audience.





Presented by Brighter Sound, Manchester Histories and Manchester City Council. The work was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund and received support from The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment through the Armed Forces Community Covenant, and by Manchester Cathedral.


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