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Translate is the first release and title theme from CJ Mirra’s soundtrack to the audio-visual free-surfing experiment and movie, Translate – the latest collaboration with visionary director Chris McClean 


The video for the title track, produced and directed by multi-media artist Rebecca Smith of Urban Projections, is a testament to the power of collaboration. “The video is one artist’s translation of the original film, using collaboration as protest against the current divisive political climate in Europe,” explains CJ Mirra of the piece that reinterprets Chris McClean’s original film footage as the basis and inspiration for the video.


“I played with creating wave studies from particles, taking the idea that one single point has a ripple effect out to others,” explains Rebecca. “This interconnectedness is something that really interests me. My aim was to encapsulate the feeling of power and beauty in the natural world, and reflect on our relationship with it.


"I hope that the piece enhances the delicacy of the track and film encapsulate the feeling of power and beauty in the natural world".


Translate was shortlisted for the London Surf Film Festival 'Best Short Film' category.




Rebecca Smith


Chris McClean

Sound Track

CJ Mirra


 Robert M Thomas

Additional string arrangement

Ross Sampson

Anchor 1
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